I might need to migrate off this instance. Mastodon is just eating too much of my limited disk space. Stand by...

Note to self: don't go viral on Mastodon again before I've upgraded the server I run my instance on. This is the load average for today...

is decentralised - not just as a protocol, but in DNS terms as well, as this chart shows. Only 2% of Mastodon accounts are on instances that have .com domains (vs ~50% of regular websites), and only 33% on the "legacy" gTLDs (.com, .net & .org). "New" gTLDs are by far the most common TLD for Mastodon server names. Source: instances.social/list/old

So the null pointer deref seems to be coming from virtualbox which makes sense, but is no more explicable. What is PHP doing to cause it?!

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Looking at a diff of hex dumps of the .phar files created under each scenario, apart from some trailing binary, the only change seems to be some bytes being swapped from 0x33 to 0x12

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OK, this is weird, any peeps out there who can help me?

I am building a .phar file using "phar pack" to put files into the archive, including dependencies from a separate git repository.

If I use a symbolic link to the separate git repository, the phar works fine. But if I create a git submodule, the phar builds, but causes a kernel NULL pointer dereference when it runs!

What's going on there?

nerdy code stuff 

I'm working on some code that will be distributed and installed by a partner, so it needs documentation, build tools, and so on. Example configuration files (YAML and unit files) are in the documentation file, which is written in Markdown.

In my Makefile, which builds a .deb, I do this to extract the sample config files:

pandoc -t markdown -t json < README.md | jq -r '.blocks[] | select (.t=="CodeBlock") | select(.c[0][1][0]=="yaml").c[1]' > /etc/config.yaml.dist

PSA: In yesterday's dpriv WG session Google said that their public DNS will implement draft-ietf-dprive-unilateral-probing real soon now. So if you see weird traffic on port 853 on your nameservers, it's that. #IETF115

Some days I look at the timeline and think about getting this tattooed on my back:

So, I found this oddly soothing to play ...

An endless driving game: No obstacles, no score, no fatal crashing

You just ... cruise along, zenning out

Item 3 in my Linkfest for this week: clivethompson.medium.com/tetri

imagine having to decide which engineers to keep around based on lines of code and choosing to keep the ones who wrote the MOST

I didn't join Mastodon to listen to people talk about The Other Place and That Guy. I guess it's a hot topic now but if Mastodon is going to be successful it needs to be *for* something rather than just against the blue bird.

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