Mastodon appears to use a lot of disk. Any advice on how to keep it down?

@g you can remove remote medias and preview cards periodically:

tootctl media remove
tootctl preview_cards

the 2nd one is expensive. check the documentation first:

@g I'm not an admin but maybe try clearing remote media regularly?

@g I do not know the details, but there is a way to remove the media attachments from older posts from other servers, which makes for an enormous reduction in the use of disk space. This command is best run regularly as a cron job.

@SolSoCoG @g Other than the obligatory media and preview card expiry, remove-orphans can also be somewhat useful, but it looks up every media file, which likely is expensive on external object storage. The storage system sometimes forgets to remove files when posts are deleted.

In my personal setup, I also preventively block remote media from instances that send out a lot of files (the admin panel shows some info about this), but that's probably less workable when you have users.

@g do you mean disk activity or the amount of data stored?

if the latter: you may want to run these two things daily

bin/tootctl media remove --concurrency=1

bin/tootctl preview_cards remove --concurrency=1

That should put a bit of a limit on the remote media caching (media of local users is not affected)

@g there's a command in tootctl that prunes away externally hosted media files. I run this daily and only keep files newer than 14 days old.

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