is decentralised - not just as a protocol, but in DNS terms as well, as this chart shows. Only 2% of Mastodon accounts are on instances that have .com domains (vs ~50% of regular websites), and only 33% on the "legacy" gTLDs (.com, .net & .org). "New" gTLDs are by far the most common TLD for Mastodon server names. Source:

@g interesting.
I'm not surprised that so many are using .social and some of the other new TLDs - they're semantically good choices

@g Unfortunately, many instance admins did not read the fine print before choosing a TLD :-(

@g It was not upated, yes, but the main lesson remains: read the fine print, get informed, not all TLD are the same. (Most registrants just choose a cool and cheap name, without enquiring into the registry rules.)

@bortzmeyer @g the fediverse is a game where you have to find the funniest domain name for your instance
@duponin @void @g @bortzmeyer ORDER UP :akko_noo:

the funny thing is, I picked .re because it's one of the french TLDs run by AFNIC, they apparently do give two apples and a fuck about protecting domain holders. Turns out .re is also super useful for making french domain names since so many french words end in -re.

@bortzmeyer @fristi @g @duponin oh, excellent one! I had my fair share of .re vanity domains back in my hoarding days eh.

.me is also quite cool for frenchies.

@bortzmeyer @duponin @fristi @g At some point I was using for my seedbox, I hope some people saw it in their peers tabs and laughed.

@g It's indeed the only use of "new" gTLD (besides spam).

@g That's neat. Collectively everyone here is making it more normal to see "new" TLDs. One day, I hope my email will no longer be filtered by certain university email systems because I didn't go for .com/.net/.org

@g @valere It could be fun to see how many NSes are actually authoritative on those domains

@bortzmeyer @g @valere C’est un peu plus distribué que je ne le pensais

@alarig @g @valere Il y a aussi des dépendances pas détectées. Par exemple, qui héberge les serveurs de noms ? (On me dit qu'un des serveurs de Gandi est chez Cloudflare ?)

@bortzmeyer @g @valere Y’a une offre « premium » (sic) où y’a z.dns (chez cloudflare) en plus d’abc (sur livedns)
par exemple : dig -t NS

@g Unfortunately the choice of DNS providers isn’t at all decentralized if you look at how many are using abuser-friendly Cloudflare.

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