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Note to self - when joining a Teams call, allow 10 minutes of faffing trying to get logged in before joining

There are no "verified" badges on here. If you see someone using a symbol like :verified: it's just a custom emoji that means absolutely nothing.

However, there are still ways you can verify your identity on here. For example we know that the European Commission's official account is @EU_Commission

Here's an article going through how to verify your account on Mastodon and the Fediverse:

There's no charge on here for verifying, and anyone can do it.

@SolSoCoG @g Other than the obligatory media and preview card expiry, remove-orphans can also be somewhat useful, but it looks up every media file, which likely is expensive on external object storage. The storage system sometimes forgets to remove files when posts are deleted.

In my personal setup, I also preventively block remote media from instances that send out a lot of files (the admin panel shows some info about this), but that's probably less workable when you have users.

@g you can remove remote medias and preview cards periodically:

tootctl media remove
tootctl preview_cards

the 2nd one is expensive. check the documentation first:

Mastodon appears to use a lot of disk. Any advice on how to keep it down?

TIL that the first documented occurrences of contentinetal subduction in the Paleoproterozoic are believed to have occurred because the remains of all the organisms killed by the Great Oxidation Event acted as a lubricant 🤢

As much as I am enjoying , and despite the fact that it's better than average, as a denizen of the Estuary, Karl Urban's accent is getting on my tits

Can confirm - gins and tonic are dangerously drinkable when it's this hot


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